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Ron Conway: The Next Big Thing in 2010 in a Top 10 List (where to invest)


2010 is said to be the year of big money meeting Real-Time Web. It is generally expected that facebook will go public later this year and open a new era. “The Godfather of Silicon Valley” (Ron Conway) preaches that Real-time Web will create a whole new industry. Ron  is convinced that Real-Time Web could be as big as the “New Economy dot com boom” 10 years ago. Here are his Top 10 monetization opportunities in Real-Time Web: (means more than US-$ 5 billion of revenue opportunities):


  1. Lead generation – Twitter and other apps are great lead generators
  2. Coupons – printed coupons is a huge business, even bigger on the RT web
  3. Analytics of the data – tons of RT data that can be analyzed for trends
  4. CRM – Customer relationship Management in real time
  5. Payments – like PayPal on Twitter
  6. Commerce – selling products, referring products
  7. User authentication – verification of users and accounts
  8. Syndication of new ad types – There will be innovation in advertising types
  9. Context sensitive advertising (Display)
  10. Real Time Search – Think Google in real time, filtered by your social graph


New tools and services will be created that take advantage of the real time activity. The question is, how many of them will be stand alone companies that endure, and how many of them will be acquired by the existing big players. Facebook is here to stay. Twitter and others have to pass the test….


(this posting was inspired by Don Dodge`s article The Next Big Thing)

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