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Social Mom’s: a Few Social Network Sites for Hard Working Moms


Moms ary busy, moms are always stressed out and moms love to share the experiences and troubles with other moms. Beside finding answers and sharing information Twitter offers kind of efficient recreation connecting an isolated mom with the world outside 😉

Here are a few Social Network sites for moms. They have been tested by @Eleven_S, a mom of two little (but demanding) kids:

Twittermoms – the influential moms network. In our opinion the best moms network in TwitterTown and a real Twitter native. You find Megan Calhoun’s Twittermoms on Twitter under @twittermoms. The network has many friends and followers and is already about to conquer Europe. Especially german moms seem to love Twittermoms. With nearly 250.000 follower twittermoms is by far the largest place for moms on Twitter. It’s quite obvoius that Megan is a Twitter addict and that’s why other moms love her. This is the right place for social media newbies.

Cafe Mom – the place where Moms meet. Cafe Mom calls itself the largest “moms and moms-to-be community” on this planet. Well, this may be but on Twitter they are clearly und well behind megan’s Twittermoms. We think that Cafe Mom is a very professional site but misses that kind of spirit and passion … Maybe we just missed a positive role model like Megan.

Momversation – Video and Blog Community for Moms. Actually this is a blog that has (as the rest of the blogosphere) grown into the Twittersphere. And it is entertainment. You can find a lot of nice and funny videos on momversation. Of yourse you can find lot and lot of information to different topics. On Twitter you find them under @momversation. It’s worth to visite the site

Mom Bloggers Club – Moms on Twitter. This is one of the largest social networks for mom bloggers with over 6000 members. Mom Bloggers Club is a place where moms who blog converge to talk about the latest trends in blogging and support each other in their blogging endeavors. Mom Bloggers Club is clearly focused on bloggers and the blogosphere and a bit hard for social media newbies and non-blogging moms.

You should definitely avoid the site This is a porn site showing fairly mature moms enyoing other pleasures…

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